Thursday, March 14, 2013

Patterns, Patterns EVERYWHERE!

Of course The Detroit Wallpaper Co. has a big place in it's heart for patterns. It's a staple of the business we're in, and it's driven by a natural affinity for the beautiful qualities of repetition in line, shape and color that we hold so close to ourselves individually as well as a company.

We're always looking for inspiration in that regard and we came across a great article that Wired magazine wrote a while back featuring some stunning natural patterns that we couldn't help but get fired up about when we saw them. Below, we posted some of the photos but you can check out the full article and gallery here.

We also took a gander around the studio to see if we could spot any of our own naturally occurring patterns. We quickly realized that on any given day, we wouldn't have to look far to find a little inspiration, right under our noses.

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